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 Sun Certifications

The Sun Microsystems offers Sun Certifications to validate the knowledge of Java technologies and Solaris Operating System. Sun offers series of Java Certifications from entry level to advance level validating Java Programming Language for different roles. The following figure illustrates the certification path for Java Programming Language:

Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA):

The Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA) is newest and entry level certification. The SCJA concentrates on the basic knowledge of Object Orient Programming, UML, and essentials of Java Programming Language and Java Platform. The SCJA is targeted towards newcomers to Java who are not necessarily working in technical positions, such as project managers, students, or developers for whom Java is not primary requirements.

Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP):

The Sun Certified Java Programmer is pre-requisite to many other Java Certifications. The SCJP is designed to validate your Java Programming skill required for a Programmer role. The SCJP exam covers many details of Java Language such as loop constructs, class declarations, variables, thread, etc. The recent version of SCJP does not cover GUI Creation, Web or Network Programming. There are many active SCJP for different version of Java.

SCJP 6 (CX-310-065): This certification was released in December 2007. Like previous version of SCJP, the Sun continued raising bar for the participant and raised the passing score from 59% to 65%. This time Sun tried to compensate by allowing additional time duration from 175 minutes to 210 minutes.

SCJP 5 (CX-310-055): This certification is based on JDK 5. It introduced variable arguments, autoboxing, and generic types, and dropped the bit shifting topics from previous exams. This certification raised the bar for the participant and elevated passing score from 52% to 59%. The Sun tried to compensate with additional duration more questions to pass exam. The Sun elevated total questions from 61 questions to 72 total questions.

SCJP 1.4 (CX-310-035): This certification is based on JDK 1.4. This exam dropped GUI creation topics (AWT topics) and shifted towards Core Java. This certification also introduced two changes towards total questions and passing score required to pass the exam. It increased total questions from 59 to 61 and changed passing score from 61% to 52% to pass the exam.

Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJD):

This certification is specialized towards the developer role. The SCJP is pre-requisite for the SCJD. This certification is also considered hard considering that it verifies that the candidate is able to write a real world commercial application and able to solve typical programming problems. The certification exam requires you to write code and subsequently submit a written theory exam. The programming task requires writing the code for a described application. There is no time limit to submit the programming assignment and participant is expected spend several weeks writing the program. The Sun Microsystems takes about two months to examine your coding assignment. One cannot pass the exam with just theoretical knowledge of Java Programming Language, but requires hands on Java coding experience.

Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD):

This certification is specialized towards a developer role specific for the web technologies. This certification targets Servlets and Java Server Page (JSP) required for web application development.

There are currently two certification exams active for SCWCD and they are for specific towards different versions of Java, Servlet, and JSP.

SCWCD 5 (CX-310-083): This certification was released in early 2008. This certification was released in early 2008. This certification is based on Java Enterprise Edition, version 5.0